Detoxify Your Body with the HCG Diet

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Yes, it’s true – you can detoxify your system with the HCG Diet.

Not only that, but you can do it better with HCG than just about any other method.  Most people think of the weight loss benefits of an HCG diet, but do not understand how important it can be for detoxifying the body.

HCG allows the body to utilize the abnormal and unhealthy fat in our body.

First I want to explain to you what abnormal fat really is.  Picture a cell and the cell is its own entity. It lives and breathes and digests and metabolizes and you have a lot of them in your body.

Toxins are coming from a variety of places in our life. They are coming from our food. The are coming from the unhealthy meats we eat that have hormones and antibiotics and pesticides that the animal eats. Our food has lots of synthetic artificial colors and flavors and artificial sweeteners. The environment is full of toxins.  Respiratory problems occur because of fragrances that are used in plugins and candles and because people are spraying things on their fabrics to make their houses smell better.

All of these are toxins that are literally looking to attack and kill the cell. Now the cell will rally fat and water together. Have you ever mixed fat and water like oil and water together? If you shake it up it makes likes bubbles in a bottle.

The body will rally fat and water to create almost like a bubble wrap around each cell to prevent the cell from getting destroyed. The only problem is that this fat and water is hoarded by the body.

Now this can lead to severe weight problems and to obesity. I have a lot of clients at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss that started to go on the program, started to utilize our infrared sauna technology and they didn’t even really sweat in the beginning. It has been amazing to see people in a very hot infrared sauna that were not even sweating because the body has been so used to hoarding this fat and water for so long to protect the toxins from infiltrating the cell that it took some time before the body could release, but the body eventually did.

So the beautiful thing about HCG is that because it’s utilizing this abnormal fat where the toxins are located, the body will detoxify on a cellular level – it’s absolutely amazing.

So HCG is not only about weight loss. It’s about detoxifying on a cellular level. This is why that by the time you finish the program and lose all the weight, you will feel better than you have felt in years (if not decades).

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