Who is Dr. Simeons?

Dr SimeonsIt’s a great question and one we get quite often so we’ve dedicated this section to him.

For starters, Dr. Simeons is the author of the HCG weight loss protocol that we strictly adhere to with all of our South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss clients.

As an aside, one of the main objections we hear from people or read about is that they’ve tried HCG and it didn’t work. Here’s a little secret. If an HCG weight loss program doesn’t work for someone chances are very, very high it’s because they didn’t follow Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss protocol to the strictest degree of how he intended for it to be followed. This is one of the biggest factors that separate us from every other HCG weight loss program out there.

Even one slight deviation from Dr. Simeons’ protocol can render an HCG weight loss program ineffective.

Okay, back to Dr. Simeons.

He was raised in England where in his young adult years he attended the University of Heidelberg and graduated the top of his medical class with the distinct honor of summa cum laude.

Dr. Simones is also known for having conducted his postgraduate work in Germany and Switzerland. One of Dr. Simeons’ first professional experiences was at the surgical hospital in Dresden. Eventually, in pursuit of his passion for studying tropical diseases, he landed an opportunity in Hamburg, Germany at the school of Tropical Medicine.

Dr. Simeons also spent several years working in Africa until eventually settling down with his family for eighteen years in India. While working in India Dr. Simeons discovered injectable atebrin as a use for malaria for which he was awarded the Red Cross Order of Merit. You may be familiar with what’s known today as the Simeons Stain, which was a result of Dr. Simeons work with malaria parasites.

Dr. Simeons’ medical work also had him involved with researching the bubonic plague and leprosy. In fact, his research directly contributed to his construction of a leper colony.

Dr. Simeons finished out his professional career in medicine while living in Rome with his family running his own private practice. His area of focus during this phase of his life was on psychosomatic disorders.

Dr. Simeons’ work in medicine, before passing away in 1970, positively affected thousands and thousands of people all over the globe, which continues to this day.

Dr. Simeons did extensive writing during his medical career. He contributed to several scientific publications and is the author of numerous medical books to include:

  • Man’s Presumptuous Brain
  • The Lion’s mask
  • Ramlal
  • Food, facts, foibles and fables
  • The road of the forgotten
  • The development of the human brain
  • Pounds and Inches: a new approach to obesity

Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches book is the one that’s had the most impact on the successes of HCG weight loss. It’s also the book that’s served as one of the foundational components of the HCG weight loss program we created for our clients at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss.

hcg coaching clubIt is highly recommended that you read through Dr. Simeons book Pounds and Inches. You can pick up a FREE copy by becoming one of our VIP members, which is also free to do. Simply click on our Join our VIP Club Today! banner anywhere you see it on our website at TheHCGCoaches.com

As you can see Dr. Simeons was an accomplished medical doctor with several medical books, contributed to numerous scientific publications and earned a Red Cross Order of Merit for his work.

His medical research in the area of obesity and HCG continues to pay dividends over and over again for so many people who have been struggling to lose weight for years. Now, because of Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss protocol and the expert HCG coaches at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, hundreds of people have and are losing weight to take back their lives. Losing 60+ lbs and 10 sizes is not uncommon in our program and we have the medical research and strict HCG weight loss protocol of Dr. Simeons to thank!