HCG Weight Loss

Your Total HCG Weight Loss Solution

Are you ready to feel younger, look healthier and live life fully energized?

Well now you can thanks to the #1 Total HCG Weight Loss Solution. It’s so natural, healthy & amazing that you’ll think it was a miracle!

At South Shore holistic Weight Loss Center we believe that maximizing your health and well being includes losing weight and detoxifying your body.

Toxins simply accumulate in our bodies through many of the foods we eat, the water we drink, and our environment. These toxins in turn become contributing factors to the process of our accumulating fat and our general lack of well being.

In our years of practice working with hundreds of clients we have seen the benefits that our dietary recommendations have on reducing weight retention and increasing overall health.

Why is our HCG Diet program so effective?

We don’t just take you through the HCG protocol and hope for the best. Instead, our HCG program includes following a holistic restricted diet tailored for each stage of the program. You will learn about foods and personal care products that cause both weight gain and toxicity and those that positively feed the body and the spirit.

Ultimately we will leave you with a set of skills for everyday living that will empower you to lead a healthy life you can share with others.

Why do some HCG diets succeed while others do not?

Properly performed HCG diets succeed where other diets fail in both loosing the weight and then keeping it off.

Why is this?

Because of the three general types of fats. It’s the third type of fat you want to lose the most and that’s the type of fat that remains resistant to normal dieting. The miracle of HCG is that it turns this third type of fat into fuel that your body will burn. The result is that you lose the fat you want to lose the most, and you feel well instead of tired and irritated even though you’ll be on only 500 calories a day.

This low calorie diet, under normal circumstances, would not be advised. However, HCG liberates up to 2000 or more calories of the metabolic fuels you typically would need in a day. At the same time HCG ensures you get what your body needs on a daily basis to maintain a healthy style of living. Plus, we constantly monitor your progress throughout the program.

Our HCG diet is a game changer

The best intentions and motivations can get lost during a normal diet plan as the body cravings kick in and the body goes into starvation mode. The dieter is often tired and haggard looking. Motivation levels drop. Worst yet, even if weight loss occurs, it is often gained back rapidly.

Our HCG-diet is a game changer. It will change your life, and you will have Dr.Dekel and Ellen to support you every step of the way.

HCG Weight Loss Program Overview

Pre-Phase – Before beginning our four phase program you will go through a pre-phase MD Consultation.

Phase 1 – Nutritional assessment to prepare for phase 2.

Phase 2 – Coaching & Instruction on HCG Injections, loading days, organic measured diet, permitted exercise & health and beauty aid items to use.

Phase 3 – Coaching & Instruction on Maintenance – Metabolism Reset – Diet Coaching.

Phase 4 – MD Consultation & Nutritional Review.

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