HCG Weight Loss Tips to Keep Your Metabolism Kicking

| May 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

Our HCG weight loss team is excited to share these tips with you to get you ready for summer! So, here we go. 7 weight loss tips to keep your metabolism kicking.

Weight Loss Tip #1 – Eat within 1 hour of waking up

Our bodies do not know the difference between delayed eating and starvation. If there is no food introduced within 1 hour of waking the body goes into its survival mode as it senses starvation. When this happens everything slows down, all organs take it down a notch. This includes your hypothalamus, which is the regulator of how you burn calories.

Your best bet is to drink a glass of lemon or lime water to adjust the ph alkaline balance and hydrate. Then protein my friends!  Eat a veggie omelet, protein shake, organic cottage cheese and low glycemic fruit healthy low carbs like rice cake and avocado…etc

Weight Loss Tip #2 – Eat every 4 hours

This is important for the same reason as above. Even if you are not hungry eat 2 healthy snacks per day like an apple, almonds, carrots and walnuts, celery and peanut butter…etc

Weight Loss Tip #3 – No food 2 hours before sleep

Weight Loss Tip #4 – Eat thermogenic foods to help burn fat

Add cinnamon, cayenne, chili powder to your coffee, (yup caffeine is good. In fact, 2 cups a day helps to burn fat!) Introduce jalapeno, chili peppers. These have fat burning properties that help to mobilize fat stores.

Weight Loss Tip #5 – Eat 2 teaspoons per day of coconut oil

Coconut oil is an mct (medium chain triglyceride) takes the body twice the amount of calories to burn as opposed to lct (long chain triglycerides) other fats. The healing benefits are way too long to list here!

Weight Loss Tip #6 – Get rid of your toxins (Check out this HCG weight loss detox video for some great information)

Weight Loss Tip #7 – Think GREEN

Eat raw veggies or salad before each meal. This will help to stimulate the digestive enzymes necessary to break down, digest, and properly metabolize your food.

HCG weight loss is real. It works. These 7 weight loss tips will help you supercharge your metabolism and keep it kicking into summer! Wishing you all a happy mothers day!  Give the gift of health to your mom by grabbing one of our best selling HCG coaching weight loss packages. Help your Mom lose weight and never have to use the word DIET ever again!

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