HCG Diet & Recipes

An important part of an effective HCG weight loss program is a an effective HCG diet.  Anyone can get immediate results with a calorie restricted HCG diet, but to maintain long term results you must adhere to a smarter, healthier diet.

When you begin working with the HCG Coaches of South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, you begin an educational process that will change your life forever.

As HCG diets have become more popular, more untrained HCG providers are cropping up everywhere trying to make a quick buck.  Unfortunately, they don’t truly understand how and why HCG diets actually work.  They don’t understand nutrition and they don’t understand all of the emotional and psychological factors that contribute to long term success.

With the HCG Coaches you will have experienced experts who have devoted their lives to the fields of nutrition, natural health, and holistic medicine.  You will also be given HCG recipes, developed by coach & nutritionist Ellen Piernick, that are highly effective and delicious.

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