Infrared Sauna and HCG Diet: the Optimum Combo

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Are you ready to eliminate all the heavy metals and toxic environmental chemicals from your body once-and-for-all?

What if I told you there was one way that is better than any other to do this… would you want to know?

That one way is infrared sauna!

You may be tempted to think that saunas are merely luxury items. I know I used to, but not anymore. Professional health practitioners around the world now turn to infrared saunas as the best option for eliminating heavy metals and environmental toxins from the body.

When I first learned of this amazing breakthrough, one of the first things I began studying was the potential danger of these toxins. While toxins inherently seem bad I was curious about what if I chose not to take steps to remove them from my body.

My curiosity helped me to discover that the toxins in our body can potentially create conditions, which then create symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, cold hands and feet and much more.

Now, infrared sauna and HCG diet had my attention, but why I questioned…

Why is infrared sauna the best, most effective way to remove these toxins?

Here’s the scoop. Infrared saunas have the capability to activate the detoxification process in your body in a safer way than, let’s say, if you were simply sweating from being in the heat or from physical activity.

Plus, if you want to get a little more technical, there is no other technology on the market capable of removing both fat-stored toxins as well as toxins currently taking up space in your blood stream even as you’re reading this.

Scary I know and a very serious issue for your health.

Did you know that every living organism on the planet depends on far infrared heat as a required energy form in order to maintain excellent health?

It’s true. In fact, if you and I don’t receive adequate amounts of far infrared light from the sun we will eventually develop illness and experience depression.

Here’s how it works. Infrared light radiates heat, which then envelopes us and moves its way through our muscles and tissues, and joints, which then increases our circulation by increasing the flow of oxygen in our body.

It’s all fascinating when you really think about it.

Now here’s the kicker. Ultimately far infrared sauna supports the purification process of our cells, especially targeting those cells located within our fat. Why is this significant?

Because your fat is where your body hides those harmful toxins like heavy metals and cholesterol. Perhaps the best part of an infrared sauna is that if utilized correctly there are zero side effects.

In practical terms, an infrared sauna has the ability to help you shed up to 600 calories in one single thirty minute session. We are not talking about the loss of water weight here, but real burning of calories.

In case you’re not completely bought into the extreme and amazing benefits of the infrared sauna and HCG diet combo let me give you…

Top 7 reasons why to use an infrared sauna:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Remove toxins
  3. Help ease your muscle aches
  4. Respiratory system support
  5. Increase energy levels
  6. Deep cleansing of the skin
  7. Boost immune defenses in your body

Infrared sauna and HCG diet together are, without question, the perfect combination for creating optimum conditions for healthy, permanent weight loss. For more information about our 2 most highly recommended infrared saunas, you can check them out.  We offer significant discounts for our VIP Members (South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss gets up to $500 off the suggested retail price), so check with us before buying:

To learn more about how infrared sauna and HCG diet work hand-in-hand and to get all your questions answered give the HCG coaches at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss a call: (516) 697-5560.



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