HCG Weight Loss Success Story: Monica

Monica’s Letter of HCG Weight Loss Success

Dear Ellen & Dr. Dekel,

monica hcg weight loss photoI can’t thank you enough for bringing the HCG diet to Long Island!  I am a firm believer in this protocol.  I have battled with my weight my entire life and have tried many weight loss programs.  Nothing has come close to working as well as HCG.

I have lost a total of 72 pounds on the HCG diet and can’t believe it.  The program is strict but easy to follow.  And if one sticks to it you are rewarded with an amazing weight loss! 1 pound a day was the norm for me!

I was amazed that I rarely felt hungry.  If I was hungry a cup of tea or coffee usually did the trick!  With Ellen’s support I was able to stay on program, have questions answered and achieve wonderful results!

It seems like a switch was turned on (or off) in my brain that allowed me to have more confidence with food.  For the first time I was able to go to a party see chips & cake and I didn’t feel like I had to eat them. I have been able to make good food choices without feeling deprived.

Recently I was on vacation and gained 10 pounds.  I was upset I put on so much weight. But after returning to my healthy way of eating the 10# came off within 3 days!  That showed me that the HCG has truly reset my metabolism.

The complements abound and, thankfully, I’ve been an inspiration for family, friends and patients (I’m a physical therapist) to adopt a healthier lifestyle!

Thank you for helping me lose weight, become healthier, regain my life and adopt an organic lifestyle!

– Monica

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