FDA Bans Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss Products

| December 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

FDA homeopathic hcg banIf you haven’t been in the news the last week then chances are you missed the joint FDA and FTC action against over-the-counter HCG. In an action that has the HCG Coaches of South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss applauding, the FDA and FTC took a bold stance to protect consumers against fraudulent and potentially dangerous over-the-counter HCG remedies.

The FDA’s action was a big move to alert honest consumers that over the counter HCG remedies being sold as weight loss products are not only potentially dangerous but illegal.

In it’s show of support the HCG Coaches of South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss issued a press release stating:

“The FDAís most recent action to remove homeopathic HCG weight loss products from the market is a defining moment in the fight against deceptive advertising of weight loss products. The HCG Coaches of South Shore Wholistic Weightloss are applauding the FDA and FTCís action to defend the consumer against the dangers of over-the-counter homeopathic HCG.”

To read the full press release click here…

Stay tuned in…

Over the course of the next month, and in light of the FDA’s recent action, we are going to get really aggressive with clearly outlining for you what HCG truly is and how it is used most effectively inside of a weight loss program.

We’re going to leave no stone unturned and you’re going to have zero doubt about the amazing benefits HCG provides that you can leverage inside of a professionally supervised weight loss program like the one here at South Shore Wholistic Weightloss.

Have your fun over the holidays with friends and family and then get ready. When it’s all over it will be time for all of us to get our health and nutrition back under control in order to make 2012 your healthiest year ever!

Please feel free to send us your questions about the recent FDA action or any you might have about our Ultimate HCG Weight Loss Solution.


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