HCG Coaching Clients Benefit from Coaches Personal Experience

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HCG coaching is important because it provides you with 24/6 coaching expertise, advice, trouble shooting, and answers to your questions during the entire HCG program. This benefit is invaluable!

HCG coaching is essential to the success of your weight loss goals. This is an involved detailed program. Having your own personal HCG coach will be like having a mentor who in addition to being there every step of the way for you will also provide you with encouragement, guidelines, help you figure out why your weight loss may have stalled, and celebrate your success when you reach your goals.

One of the top HCG coaching experts at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, Ellen Piernick, has personal experience with the HCG diet. In fact, she personally put herself through the program 3 times in 3 years.  She did this to ensure she understood clearly what works and what doesn’t. Her willingness to participate three separate times in the HCG diet has made South Shore Wholistic’s one-on-one HCG coaching program second-to-none.

Ellen went through the HCG program the first time to see how it actually worked. She gained 35 lbs before starting the program so she would understand exactly what her clients would be going through.

Ellen repeated the short version of the HCG diet two more times in order to come up with the HCG coaching safe personal care products. These are the same products she uses with all of her clients today. This is important because many times other HCG diets use toxic oil based products. This approach literally sabotages the weight loss effect.

Another benefit of the HCG coaching program is what’s referred to as the Phase 3 recipes. These are food recipes Ellen has proven as safe and effective for maximum weight loss under her HCG coaching guidance. These recipes are given to all clients. Ellen also provides other important steps to follow that she picked up first hand from submitting herself to the HCG diet three separate times.

Ellen understands exactly what to do and how to trouble shoot any aspect of the program for optimal weight loss for her clients. Ellen’s ability to guide and coach HCG clients is invaluable because she knows exactly what her clients are feeling and experiencing while they’re on the program, which empowers her to help her clients achieve their maximum weight loss goals.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is the key to success with any program for weight loss. The fact that Ellen made herself a guinea pig for the HCG diet before she started helping others achieve their weight loss goals allows her to confidently answer all of the complex questions that are often asked during the HCG diet program.
HCG coaching involves understanding the program inside and out as well as backwards and forwards in order for the program to be completed effectively and safely. There is no better HCG  coaching program to help clients through all stages of HCG than a coach who has gone through it herself.

This level of service is frankly unprecedented. Client after client of Ellen’s HCG coaching raves about how this one factor provides an invaluable service.

The goal of your HCG coach is to help you evaluate your weight before the program begins, assist you in setting your objectives, and help you get to your desired weight. Your coach wants you to endure the least amount of stress possible while remaining focused. Without a coach, you might end up making mistakes that could have been easily avoided. This is never the case with this HCG coaching program because you are following the advice of someone who has been through the same experience and knows where you might get stuck or frustrated.

Ultimately, our HCG coaching program will help prevent you from losing valuable time on your program by avoiding missteps. This will empower you to reach your weight loss goals faster and more effectively.

In addition to helping you through the phases of the program, HCG coaching involves preparing you for life after you reach your desired weight. After the program is over, there are additional guidelines that you will need to follow to ensure the weight you worked so hard to lose does not return. This effectively empowers you to literally “lock in” your weight forever!

HCG coaching is meant to be a support system. Without it, the chances of success are not nearly as high. When people try the HCG program without the proper coaching, they have a hard time being inspired or motivated. Without coaching you will likely not reach the same level of weight loss as our clients, who receive constant moral support, answers to their most pressing questions, advice, and encouragement throughout all stages of the program. At South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, we want you to be successful with the HCG program, and we are excited to share our personal experiences with you. Our open communication style and our willingness to provide you with unparalleled coaching support is just one of the reasons you will succeed on the HCG program with us!

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