Long Island Weight Loss Center Gives Advice on Mixing and Storing HCG

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The Long Island weight loss center, South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, has received numerous calls from HCG users to ask questions about mixing and storing HCG. One of the most common questions asked is whether or not HCG can be prepared ahead of time and stored for any length of time.

Let’s answer that question.

To start, it is fine to store HCG that is unmixed in a drawer, a bathroom cabinet, or anywhere that is considered to be room temperature. If HCG is mailed, it should be fine during transit, as long as it is not left in a mailbox on extremely hot days during the summer or on very cold days during the winter. Make sure to retrieve the HCG from the mailbox as soon as possible. If it is known what day a shipment is supposed to arrive via mail, it is a good idea to be at home when the package is due to arrive, so it can be brought into a moderate temperature after arrival.


When unmixed HCG is exposed to extreme heat or very cold temperatures, it can cause the product’s chemical composition to become altered, which can directly affect the potency of the HCG when it is ultimately used. Keep in mind that even when stored in a cabinet or in a drawer, HCG can be inadvertently exposed to excessive heat and cold. For example, some people keep their HCG in a kitchen cabinet or a drawer that is located next to an oven, a stove or a dishwasher. These types of appliances can generate a lot of heat, which can produce an undesired result. Additionally, unmixed HCG should be kept away from space heaters, fireplaces, and direct sunlight.

Cold Air

The Long Island weight loss center, South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, recommends that HCG be stored near air conditioning vents. In some climates, air conditioning units run quite frequently, and while the air being released from an air conditioning vent is usually not below 60 degrees, it is simply better to keep HCG away from the constant flow of cold air.


It is understandable that many people who take HCG want to pre-mix and store their HCG. It is certainly fine to do this, but keep in mind that mixed HCG must be kept in the refrigerator, and should be discarded after 30 days if it has not been used. In households with young children, it is not recommended that mixed HCG be kept in a location where it is easily accessible.

There are some locations where mixed HCG should not be stored. For example, leaving HCG inside of a car is never a good idea. With the windows closed, the interior of a car can heat to an incredibly high temperature in a very short period of time. Leaving HCG in a car, even during cold winter months, can cause the product to lose its potency.

Anyone who must bring HCG injections out of the home should pack them carefully in a container or in a bag that contains an ice pack or a bag of ice that will keep the HCG cool. Make sure that the syringe is not placed inside of a bag of ice without protection from the moisture.

The Long Island weight loss center South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss provides this advice for best results. Please follow the advice provided. It’s been trusted by so many past and current patients. Storing HCG properly will yield the best possible weight loss results. If you are serious about losing weight once-and-for-all, then you need to call the HCG Coaches at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss and learn how our comprehensive program gets you permanent, life-changing results. CALL TODAY: (516) 697-5560

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