Supercharge Weight Loss by Understanding the Acid Ash Phenomenon

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Weight loss is greatly supported or inhibited by the foods you use to fuel your body. Foods are capable of producing a chain reaction not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Our body functions in a highly synergistic way with everything being connected.

So then, what is the straightest and most effective path to health?

Answer: Avoid toxins.

The healthy ratio of alkaline foods to acid (toxic) foods is 75:25 for optimal health. This is 75 alkaline and 25 acid.

Fruits and vegetables, along with beans and seeds are alkaline foods.

Sugar, poultry, meats, dairy, and alcohol are acid foods.

When we burn wood in a fireplace there are ashes left behind.  Similarly, after we metabolize our food there are ashes left behind in our bodies. This is referred to as either “acid ash” or “alkaline ash” depending on the food you consume.

Our bodies can process alkaline ash with no problem, but acid ash must be neutralized with alkaline minerals stored in the body’s bank account. When you eat alkaline foods, you deposit 4 key alkaline minerals into your body’s bank account: magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

When acid foods are consumed the body makes a withdrawal of alkaline minerals to neutralize the acid ash.  Ideally we are making timely deposits and withdrawals to keep a balanced alkaline bank account.

In my 30 years in private practice I have never met a client who was in a positive status with regards to their alkaline mineral bank account.  This is not a good state to be in if your goal is weight loss. These clients all thought they were eating right but were getting too much acid.

How is this all connected to arthritic pain?

Arthritic pain is due to the synovial fluid surrounding the joints becoming too acidic thereby causing the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage to deteriorate. The result is of course pain.

Where do diseases thrive?

All diseases thrive and survive in an acid environment. This type of environment is the perfect breeding ground of all ailments.  Once the body is brought to a proper pH and maintained, the body can regain health rapidly and do the repairs necessary, but only in an alkaline state. Here’s a great video on HCG weight loss and the effects of pH balance.

What happens if the body has no more alkaline minerals left in its bank account?

The body must neutralize the acid ash as the human body will do anything to survive. Calcium, which is one of the 4 alkaline minerals, is stored in the body in great abundance. Calcium is of course stored in the bones.  When the body is neutralizing your acid ash by taking calcium from your bones it causes a cumulative effect on your body. Year after year of not eating the right food the body will take loans from the bones and never pay it back!

The body is very smart. It will take more than it needs always to err on the side of caution of course, and  takes from the largest bone mass in our body; the pelvis. This is why after the age of 50 you become a statistic; fall down and break a hip!  Brittle breaking bones are all due to an acid body.

Good news is this can be reversed through diet education, eating more alkaline foods, and keeping toxins out of the body!  As soon as that bank account is in a positive healthy balance then calcium robbing stops!

Weight loss is never as difficult as people make it. The key is to follow the proven science behind what works and what doesn’t. Here’s to your weight loss success!

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