The HCG Diet New York Residents Trust Most Helps Combat Constipation

| February 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

HCG Diet New YorkIf you are on the HGG diet New York residents trust most, you have probably been told about the possibility of constipation.

There are a few common causes of constipation which include:

* Eating a diet that is low in fiber.
* Not drinking enough water.
* Being under an unusual amount of daily stress.

The number one cause of constipation while on HCG is the release of heavy metal toxins as the fat stores – which hold onto these toxins – are being released by the HCG.

Because of this factor our South Shore Wholistic weight loss coaches use a gentle oxygen based remedy that will allow the body to continue eliminating in order to keep the weight loss at its peak. Furthermore, this assists the body in ridding this waste on a cellular level so as to work towards the goal of weight loss transformation with each client.

Some other reasons that people experience constipation include taking certain medications, having specific illnesses or diseases, consuming an excessive amount of dairy products, not getting enough exercise, and  over-using laxatives. All of these will upset the good healthy bacteria or flora in the colon and not allow for proper elimination.

Here are two constipation-relief methods that HCG diet New York residents use most:

1) Water Therapy: We recommend that our clients drink a substantial amount of water, at least ½ gallon  every day. Drinking a significant amount of water is one of the best ways to cure constipation. A substantial amount is often representative of approximately 100 ounces of water a day. The liquid not only helps with the digestive process, but will also help to release toxins and fat.

2) Non-Habit Forming Relief: There are products that you can use to help your body resolve constipation. Our HCG diet New York weight loss coaches will work with you and recommend the best non-habit forming products and methods. We also include – as part of the program – our premier non-habit forming supplement to help assist the body in eliminating these toxins through 2-3 healthy movements per day. This will help you achieve your best weight loss during Phase 2.

Constipation is a side effect that everyone experiences during the injection phase of the HCG diet. It is perfectly normal and should be expected. Even with this expectation set it does cause concern for some of our clients. Therefore, we want to stress that some types of laxatives and other methods commonly used for dealing with constipation are not recommended.

Not only can these products interfere with your weight loss, but they can be addictive. We only recommend non-habit forming products for this very reason.

If you desire to try the HCG diet New York residents trust most and want to learn more about why it’s so effective, please call us today at (516) 697-5560.  We want to ensure that your HCG diet experience is successful and comfortable. We will make certain you are prepared to deal with the issue of constipation effectively and immediately when symptoms first arise.

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