Weight Loss Through Smart Detoxification

| April 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

Weight loss starts with combating your abnormal body fat. Do you know what the #1 reason is for why the body accumulates excess abnormal fat?

If you guessed TOXINS you are correct!

Abnormal fat, of course, is the stubborn fat everyone wants to lose.

How then do you begin to detoxify your body to supercharge your weight loss program? Here are some good tips:

1. Stop drinking out of #1 plastic water bottles. These bottles leach toxins into the water making it highly toxic for your body. Instead, filter your water and use healthy water bottles not #1’s.  You can find the # on the bottom of any plastic in a triangle. It is considered the recycle #. All 1’s are toxic.

2. Start using a shower filter. Did you know that every 5 minutes in the shower with non-filtered water equates to drinking 7-10 glasses of dirty tap water?

It’s true. Your skin is your second largest organ. You can only imagine the damage you are doing to your body when 7-10 glasses of dirty tap water are being absorbed by your skin each time you shower. This daily practice of showering with unfiltered water is one way to stop your weight loss efforts dead in their tracks.

How does this bad toxic effect actually happen in your body?

When toxins enter the body via food, pesticides, hormones, antiobioitcs, barium, chemicals in our water supply, artificial fragrance that enters our lungs and through other means our body’s first response is to rally!

It does this by grabbing fat and water to encase the toxins and prevent them from destroying our cells. Yes. Our body literally holds onto this excess fat and water to protect the body and vital organs from all the toxins. You can only imagine how much this slows down your weight loss.

The Secret: Get rid of the toxins and get rid of the abnormal fat. A great place to start is with your water filters. Get the best weight loss supporting water filters here.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be so difficult if you’re willing to just take a few simple steps to set yourself up for success. Here’s a great HCG weight loss video I did on the subject of detoxification.

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